Family Guy Online Trailer

It seems I missed the announcement back in July when 20thCentury Fox announced they were making a Family Guy Online MMO game, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw IGN had a trailer for it. If there weren’t enough horrible MMO games around before, I think we can now officially say we’ve hit the limit.

Have we finally gotten to the point where production companies are going to start releasing MMO games to coincide with movie releases and popular TV shows? I certainly hope not. We all know how good games like CSI: The Game or House MD or any Transformers games have been.

In all fairness, I’m sure Family Guy Online will be humorous and enjoyable for a short period of time to fans of the show and it will be free-to-play so that should attract players. I just do see anyone liking the game enough, more than a novelty, to actually spend money on it.

Anyway, check out the Family Guy Online trailer below and let us know what you think.

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  1. Looks horrible. Have seen the gameplay videos and is seems to be beyond awful. Even the more cheaply made F2P MMOs look more fun than this.

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