Black Desert: Beta and Launch News + Giveaway!

2016-01-31_973205380First the important news – Black Desert launches March 3! Much, much sooner than I expected, but you will hardly  hear me complaining! Sandbox heaven, coming to a PC near you in less than a month! I never made it to high enough level to encounter pvp in the previous beta, so there’s no pvp review from, but if you’re looking for refreshers on my thoughts about the wealth of content I did experience, you can check out my previews: preview one and preview two. Name reservations for preorders have already gone live! Did anyone get their names? I didn’t; all my favorites were gone by the time I could defeat the 404 and server timeout error monsters spawned by all 250,000+ preorders hammering away at once in the fierce battle to get coveted names. 

Pre-orders close on February 26th. Never fear – you can purchase packages after that point, but if you know you’re going to play I heartily recommend a purchase before then as not only will the Conquerer’s pack vanish, but several goodies will be removed as well from all tiers. Preorder here.

Closed beta #2 begins February 18th. Right around the corner.! Celebrate!

The super exciting thing is that they have released the character generator! I love it when games do this. Seriously, more games need to do this. And it’s free, so if you want to play around with it to see if all the character screenshots you’re seeing are real, have at it!

But you’re really here for the beta key giveaway, aren’t you? We’ll  be giving away some keys to the closed beta over our social media sites this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for them!

Hope to see you there!

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