RaiderZ Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Lorehound is teaming up with Perfect World Entertainment to give readers a chance to get into the Raiderz closed beta. We have 300 closed beta keys to giveaway, so if you’re interested in checking out PWE’s latest MMORPG, be sure to grab one while you still can.

The Raiderz closed beta begins on August 8th, so there’s still plenty of time to grab a key and get the game pre-loaded. Simply head over to our Raiderz giveaway page and follow the directions.



  1. Hey guys I got a key..I don’t play MMOs that much…Im willing to sell it if anyones interested…My bro plays runescape and if ur willing to give him some value crap. I give it to you..
    The RaiderZ Closed Beta has started and the world of Rendel needs YOUR help.

    In this, the next great action MMORPG, you have a chance to slay the biggest monsters and craft the rarest weapons. You have the chance to become the hero that Rendel needs. Join a party of adventurers and undertake perilous quests with friends. Hunt together or die alone.

    How do you get started? Just redeem the Beta key below here and download the RaiderZ Closed Beta client on our download page.

    ^^^ proof that i have one.

  2. HEY just came across this game after leaving ffxiv, ffxi, elderscrolls online beta, pso2 (japan), dbz online taiwanese server, wow, lol, dota, dota2, socom, and even after playing all these games theres still a void within. I need something that need teamwork and actual skill/ ppl with common sense lmao!!! What i need is a beta key ppl. Please send me one at thank you

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