Soul Captor Open Beta Item Pack Giveaway

Lorehound is teaming up with Gamania to offer our readers a head-start item pack for their newest MMORPG Soul Captor, which just launched into open beta today.  The item pack includes three items which are listed below.

  • Red Apple: Feed it to your Anima to boost their power to let them carry on collecting souls
  • Karma Charm: Resurrect on the spot without any penalties
  • Common Enchantment: Apply to get a random basic enchantment, a different one each time.

To obtain your item pack key, please visit our Soul Captor’s giveaway page or hit the jump for further instructions. We have 500 keys to giveaway, so grab one while they are still available.

  1. Launch the Soul Captor game client (standalone or browser version)
  2. Click on the ‘Item Mall’ button next to the mini-map in the top right hand corner of the screen (looks like a shopping cart) or press the [i] key
  3. In the Item Mall screen, click on the [REDEEM CODE] button
  4. Enter the code you received in to the top field and click [SUBMIT] (Make sure you haven’t copied an extra space at the end of the code)
  5. The items that your code grants will be shown.
  6. Click the [EXCHANGE] button and confirm that you want to use the code
  7. Now click the [COLLECT] button and confirm to send the items to your backpack!