Twelve Sky 2 Veteran Item Pack Giveaway

Lorehound has teamed up with MAYN Games to help celebrate the launch of a new Turkish World server, Orhangazi, for their free-to-play MMO game, Twelve Sky 2.

The new server will launch tomorrow on May 9th and will be available to both English and Turkish players.  To celebrate the launch, we are giving away a Twelve Sky 2 Veteran Starter Package for experienced MMO players. This isn’t just  any old giveaway package, as it allows players to jump all the way to level 146 and includes an entire rare gear set.

The full package details are below:

  • 1x Deity (level 146) Character (1775 stat points + 738 skill points)
  • 1x Adept (level 113) Sky Cape (stat enchancement)
  • 1x Deity Rare Gear Set (Weapon, armor, gloves, boots, ring and amulet)
  • 720 Min (Prime EXP Map) Mystical Ground
  • 400 Min (2x EXP) Phoenix Pill
  • 7 days double inventory storage space
  • 7 days double bank storage space

We only have 50 codes for this giveaway, so get them while you can. Click here to get your veteran pack giveaway code.

UPDATE: We have fixed the bug where emails were not being delivered with the game codes and have reset the giveaway. The 50 codes are now available. Sorry for the error guys.


  1. On second thought, it appears something is not working correctly. We’ll get it fixed asap.

  2. We will be resetting the giveaway event once this is fixed so all 50 keys are available again. Sorry for the delay, we’ll have it fixed as soon as we can.

  3. The error has been fixed and the giveaway has been reset. All 50 codes are now available. Sorry for the mess up.

  4. Was that what you were told when you tried redeeming it? Please post the code here and I’ll check it against our list.

  5. Please post the code here so I can check it to find out if we made the error of posting the wrong codes or if MAYN Games sent us the wrong codes.

  6. That should be a Veteran code according to our list. It seems MAYN Games sent us the wrong codes if they are being redeemed as starter codes.

    We’ll contact with the 50 codes we received and hopefully they can upgrade them to Veteran codes.

  7. Delaghetto, MAYN Games said your key is a Veteran key, but it just wasn’t processed yet. CloudX, it might be the same thing for you. Did MAYN Games reply back to you saying it was a Starter code?

    As the giveaway states, you must open a support ticket at MAYN Games to redeem the codes.

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