Win a The Secret World Retail Key

The Lannister Group knows that games are far more enjoyable when played with friends, so they are giving away a retail key for The Secret World! They aren’t covering subscription fees, but the retail key does come with a free month, so the winner has time to convince their lucky friend that this is the game to play. This contest is designed to bring friends or family into the game, so it is only open to current subscribers to The Secret World. Entry into the contest is easy:

  1. Post your official The Secret World forum name in their comments section on the contest page.
  2. Add a special link to their site to your official The Secret World forum signature.  It’s a simple copy/paste of a line of code on their contest page.
On July 16, 2012 at 8PM EDT, they will choose a random winner from the entries on their page. So what are you waiting for? Head on over and try your luck at winning a copy of the game for a friend! And check out the site itself while you’re there, it’s pretty spiffy. For more details, and to enter, check out their contest page, as well as their post on the official The Secret World forums.
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