Bless Online is Coming West – Finally! (After all?)

I live to hear the wonderful news of Asian games coming west. Bless Online is directed by Jacob Han, who also worked on the Lineage series, which I absolutely loved – and I can’t wait to see it finally come west! I played other versions of it using the magic of VPNs, and I have been extremely disappointed with its slow journey west. After several stops and starts along the way though, it looks like we’ll finally see it next year! Just about every creature in the game can be tamed and turned into either a mount or a pet – I had loads of fun wandering the game taming and leveling my pets and mounts, and can’t wait to get started on it again!

Continue on for screenshots from my time playing!


If you want to learn more, check out the steam community, and the web page.

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  1. I am really hopeful about the possibilities of how they’re doing this. Neowiz is bringing Bless west directly themselves via steam.

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