At Least It’s Not the F-Bomb

There is normally an image to go along with this quick opening blurb, but there is no introduction I can come up with to  do this quick tale full justice.

All I can say is hit the jump to see my adventures in fairy tale translations gone wrong. :)

Our tale begins in the forest… Poor Red Riding Hood is in danger from the Big Bad Wolf and only I can save her!


But all is not lost! I will save this darling Hooded girl! Me and my sidekick, the adorable beginner’s bunny…

Now this is a surprise…

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Pherephassa has been creeping around the etherspace long enough to have remorted so often that not even she can recall her original form. She loves sandboxes, challenges, chain mail bikinis and dungeons so large they take weeks, months or even years to fully explore. Currently seeking an MMO home, she can often be found on the side of the road, begging game designers for death penalties and slow leveling curves.


  1. @ReavijinooI didn’t finish the questline, but I think she defeated her opponents with excessive language.

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