A Look at the Upcoming F2P MMO, Vindictus: Pure Awesome

While at PAX Prime ’10, I had the pleasure of getting in on interviews with up-coming gaming hotshots such as Nexon’s Vindictus. I mentioned in a previous post that I had received a beta slot, and I can promise you, I’m using it.

I knew very, very little first walking into the executive suite at the Grand Hyatt in Seattle. Apart from the Red Wolf Hat that was so famous from the Vindictus closed Beta, I knew nothing.

Loading onto the demo, only two types of characters were available. After choosing the badass melee, I logged into the LAN with two others to run the PvE content that Nexon was showcasing. It is amazing. Words cannot describe the best F2P MMO that I’ve seen yet. The graphics are stunning. Like I mentioned on my Patch 4.0.1 PTR post, this post has some of the best graphics, story, and action that I would say is comparable to Dragon Age and Final Fantasy — and it’s right here in this free game.

Everything is destructible. I believe we can thank Lucas Arts’ Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for finding great, creative uses for the Havok and DMM (Digital Molecular Matter) engines that I see influencing the gameplay in Vindictus.  Nexon uses Valve’s Source engine to create the physics for Vindictus.  An engine that allows the MMORPG to possess a “brutal elegance.” With a description like that, it’s self explanatory that it is epic.

I mean, who doesn’t like running around, slashing at wooden beams just to watch them splinter and break?

Continue on for some exquisite video footage to pump you up.

First, take a look at the cinematic trailer.

And now, click through for a video that looks at the basic lore that fuels the game.

If you like this, just wait for me while I work on putting together some in-game footage that will be featured on the site soon.

Psyched yet? I know I am. This is the first F2P MMO that has made me consider seriously playing for more than just a few hours at a time.

Ed. Note: Updated to clarify engine.


  1. Ya know my brother played Nexus TK kingdom of the winds, which was designed by Nexon. Should tell him about this, should be interested.

  2. “Dragon Age and Final Fantasy” ?

    More along the lines of devil may cry, or the later mentioned “Star wars: Force unleashed”. Also, a few little grammatical or logical errors. “Badass melee”, unless they had evie (petite mage girl) in the demo, both are melee.

    Though ultimately the article gives the game the praise it deserves.

  3. I never played Devil May Cry, so I don’t have that came to come back from.

    Sorry for the confusion, the one I chose was badass compared to the other one. It wasn’t a grammatical error, it was an opinionated one.

    I prefer tanking and like to use a shield and 1-hander, while the other is a dual-wielding melee class as well.

  4. “A Look at the Upcoming F2P MMO, Vindictus: Pure Awesome”

    Your title is wrong. I think you meant to say, “A Look at the Upcoming P2P MMO, Vindictus: Pure Awesome.”

  5. F2P means that you do not need to pay in order to play, unlike other games in which you must pay an entry fee. the cash shop being optional allows this game to be F2P ^-^

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