All Points Bulletin Character (and Other) Creation: Badass.

My fellow Lore Hound, Heartbourne, tipped me off about this awesome BFF Report episode posted this week on ZAM. In the video, host Mike B shows a whole bunch of customization options from the beta version of All Points Bulletin. Now to be honest, I didn’t know much about the MMO-FPS, or think I would really care, until seeing this video. The customization options look brilliant, and as he concludes, it looks like the best customization options available in ANY MMO today.

iTZKooPA already gave us some great analysis and description on his own run through and opinions for the options back at PAX East, and now we have some video visuals to back that up.

Look for yourself and let us know what you think. Also, check back in a few days for more analysis on character customization and how it effects our in-game experience.


  1. is this going to be the legendary WoW-killer?…
    Nah, i’m sure people will find time to play em both, I know I certainly will!

  2. If they make the game play of this as good as they seem to have made everything shown in the video, I might be extremely enticed to at least try it out.

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