Black Prophecy Developer Reakktor Media Barely Hanging On

It looks like another one of my 2012 predictions is nearing reality, making me two for two on the year. I had first predicted that D3 would be delayed to either the end of the 2nd quarter, or the start of the 3rd; and now the developers behind Black Prophecy are in the early processes of closing down their studio.

Not that I’m happy with being right; I would rather have seen Black Prophecy be reworked to become a playable game. However, when the main focus of a game is grinding, coupled with a item-store sink-hole, there’s no wonder why it’s not doing well. Black Prophecy was on my most anticipated list in 2010, however, I couldn’t even make it past level 15 before ejecting out. I went back a few times once they reworked PvP to give it another shot, but each time I was met by more disappointment.

Reakktor Media is looking for a last minute contract deal to keep them going stating:

“We have a team of 49 highly talented and motivated people over here with qualifications which go far beyond actual MMO technologies and mechanisms,” said Lenke,

“We are in a position to accomplish basically anything what is played right now, even if we were focused in the recent times on multiplayer mobile gaming. However, the MMO area is historically our organically grown core competence.”

With Reakktor Media closing its doors, the future of Black Prophecy looks… well, like a “Black Prophecy” (read: grim). Although, Gamigo, the game’s publisher, does own a 19.1% stake in the game and studio, so there is still some hope for fans of Black Prophecy.

Here’s my suggestion: CCP buys Black Prophecy and turns it into a sandbox MMORPG!  How awesome would that be if it actually happened!?


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