E3 2011: Wargaming.net Announces World of Warplanes

Wargaming.net places players in tier-based battles for WoT. 1930s craft will not often fight superior 1950s craft, if WoW, as expected, follows the same formula.

Wargaming.net, creator of the recently launched and quite successful F2P World of Tanks MMOG, revealed that it plans on taking the winning formula to the sky. World of Warplanes will not only add a second WoW moniker to the MMOG players lexicon, but allow them to tear across the sky in scenarios from the 1930s to 1950s in era planes. The timeframe will not be lost on aviation fanatics, as the era was driven by rapid technological innovation thanks to numerous wars. Just like the timeframe used for WoT.

Other than the title being team-based, Wargaming.net hasn’t released many details at this point. It’s likely that WoW will feature a near-perfect balance of war simulation with traditional MMOG gameplay (thus, be nothing like the other WoW). Customizing vehicles with upgrades and technological skilltrees should make a return, as well as the ability to speed progress through RMT.

I am reservedly excited. Given the fact that maps will not be a major draw – terrain doesn’t affect strategy like it does for tanks – how will WoW reel us in? Unique capture-the-flag or defend-this-target scenarios? Driving, even a tank, is second nature to many people, will the additional of a third dimension relegate WoW to an even more niche status?

This blogger will be polishing his joystick, waiting for additional details, including a release date.

Who’s up for coining the moniker WoWp with me?


  1. Well, that’s interesting. A flight simulator MMOish type game is something I’ve been kicking around in my head for over 15 years. I fear, though, that this offering will be too arcadey for my tastes.

  2. I’m also scared that this game will be to acardey, not more flight simulator, but we will just have to see

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