LoreFlix: Minecraft Interstate

It seems that nearly any game ending in -craft is destined for greatness, but not all of them are developed by Blizzard. Minecraft, initially a one-man operation, has become an incredible phenomenon, not just for its simple, but constantly-evolving gameplay, but for the community that has built up around it. Technical types, that have figured out ways to re-skin almost all of the textures, change fundamental aspects through custom servers to create mods like Portal and Bomberman, as well as code various third-party programs that will help you in building the block-based city of your dreams (or using those assets to create hilarious, Garry’s Mod-style videos).

The short film below is perhaps the first time that Minecraft has been used as a music video, though. According to user “brt5470,” he ended up having to use an inventory editor to give him all of the necessary materials, but he still “constructed” everything himself, a project that took around 24 hours of time to complete itself. The end result is a wonderfully chill experience featuring the music of MindThings that evokes the main concept — scenery directly reflecting the beats — of one of the greatest music videos of all time: The Chemical Brothers’ “Star Guitar.”


  1. Wow Minecraft is awesome, even as it could be 10 years old I have never been more addicted. Fortunately it plays smoothly on my netbook so I can play Minecraft all the time. I have a question though and LoreFlix: Minecraft Interstate – Lore Hound must be a relevant website so I hope somebody has the answer. How can I make new Minecraft maps? Thanks! ;-) Ashlea

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