PAX East 2011: Dragon Nest Interview with Davy Garaix

Star Wars: The Old Republic may have been crowned with the longest wait time – largely due to a 40 minute demo – but Nexon managed to hold its own. The F2P developer/publisher had two large swaths of space in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Off to one side was Vindictus, the dungeon-based action RPG the company released last October. Dead center of the convention floor was Dragon Nest, another dungeon-based action RPG, but of a different variety.

Dragon Nest is the freshmen release for Eyedentity Games, a Korean company founded in 2007. The game features the typical anime art style found in the genre. Combat is heavily based on targeting, as spells and abilities do not automatically connect with the intended target(s). Being a dungeon-based game, Dragon Nest features a heavy amount of instanced play and party-based combat.

iTZKooPA’s interview with Producer Davy Garaix goes in to further detail, including character classes, the story of the goddesses, the item shop and character and guild advancement.