PAX Prime ’10: Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Developer Interview

Who doesn’t like Super Heroes or Squads? What if you could have both, but online at the same time?! Stars would collapse, worlds would shatter, and the universe would fold up into its pre-Big Bang state. While I’m sure the folks over at The Amazing Society would love that sort of reception for their upcoming MMO, Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, I imagine they’d also prefer to keep their customers around, as well. And let me tell you, it’s hard selling material goods to non-corporeal beings!

Still, they were gracious enough to let us do a little bit of the legwork in promoting their game by taking some time out of their busy convention schedule to talk with iTZKooPA. Due to unfortunate audio issues, we couldn’t include footage of the housing system (in which your collection of Super Heroes can be made to interact with each other like in creative ways, like irradiated-spider-bitten Sims) or the PvP Card Battle mode (though we will in another, forthcoming video), but Vice President and Studio Manager Jason Rober still spilled the beans on some exciting new characters and game features.

Don’t be fooled by the cutesy look, there’s some seriously cool stuff going on here!