PAX Prime ’10: Lego Universe Developer Interview

Do you like Legos? Do you like universes? Then you just might like Lego Universe! Modern Lego games have tended towards children and casual gamers, and the MMORPG version isn’t drastically different. Nothing wrong with that, right? You have to initiate the young ones early into a pale-skinned, indoor life and be-Cheetoed fingers (something tells me they already have that one down, though). Don’t worry, there are plenty of block-based baddies to smash apart, but the game is also about exploration, mini-games, and of course, building things.

Not only will you get to do some of the quick builds found in other Lego franchise games, you’ll also collect models and pieces along the way that will essentially allow you to build your own housing, and tweak it how you see fit. Beyond that, you can make many of your creations interactive, which makes the freeplay areas like some sort of strange, bricky version of Second Life (though, um, probably not as racy). Anyway, check out all that and more in our developer interview. iTZKooPA chats with Producer Brian Johnson below:

Lego Universe is set to release on October 26th.

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