Perfect World Entertainment Loves Torchlight

Torchlight, the freshman entry from Runic Games, excited many PC gamers.  Developed by the minds behind Diablo, Diablo II, Fate and Mythos, the game caters to the dungeon crawler, loot collector in all of us.  Featuring the best aspects of the past gems, and numerous tweaks and refinements, a pet that sells your loot for you, the budget title has sold like hotcakes.

From day one, Runic Games stated its intention to expand Torchlight from a then upcoming single-player title to an MMOG.  Perfect World Entertainment, a free-to-play publisher we’ve discussed previously, believed in the company’s idea and agreed to publish the MMOG.  After the rapid success, numerous awards and over 500,000 sales of Torchlight, Perfect World Entertainment has upped the ante.  The publisher is now a majority stakeholder in Runic Games after sinking $8.4 million into the company.

Interested in seeing what the company may produce?  You can grab Torchlight for the budget price of $19.99 from Amazon (tag team with Fate for free shipping), or hope it goes on sale on Steam again.