PSA: Electronic Arts Offering Olive Branch To APB Players

Publisher Electronic Arts is following the lead of Hi-Rez Studios in offering would-be APB players a salve to heal their fresh wounds.  A free downloadble title from the EA Store is being made available to any player that purchased the ill-fated MMOFPS All Points Bulletin from Steam.

The list of selectable games is quite tempting, including Dragon Age: Origins, Spore, Mass Effect 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and many more.  There’s certainly something for everyone.  Unless you happen to own every EA game released in the past year.

An MMOG is a risk for all parties involved.  The consumer can end up subscribing to and buying a dud.  The developer can lose itself in debt and a publisher can burn through money attempting to advertise, market or get a game finished.  All Point Bulletin seemingly burned everyone.

Thankfully, Electronic Arts is attempting to save face by giving back to the early adopters.  Kudos on the smart PR move.

There has been no word regarding refunds for retail or other digital methods of purchase as of press time.

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