Richard Garriott Wins Lawsuit Against NCsoft

In SPAAACE! get fired!

Just a day after professing my love for Tabula Rasa, the title returns to the forefront of MMOG news, courtesy of a lawsuit filed by its creator, Richard Garriott.  Lord British, as he is known by some, sued NCsoft after his departure from the company in late 2008.  After much litigation, a federal court has awarded him a victory, to the tune of $28 million.

“I am extremely pleased with the jury’s decision,” Garriott said in a statement. “The facts were clear that my departure from NCsoft was not voluntary. I am very pleased with the final award.”

Hopefully enough to buy the intellectual property rights?…

The basis of the case was the scenario in which he “left” the company.  Originally portrayed as a resignation, Garriott admitted months later that he was fired.  Fired while he was on his space flight to the International Space Station, a publicity stunt to further promote Tabula Rasa. Furthermore, the resignation letter was allegedly written by the publisher, not Garriott.  Garriott chose to sue his former company after he was forced into selling his stock options in 90 days, rather than the 10 years his contract allowed.  The deceptive short sale cost him millions of dollars.

Everybody loves an underdog story.  But seriously Richard, get those servers back online (and add some endgame).

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