Rusty Hearts: Natasha – A New Ranged Addition

Rusty Hearts, currently in Open Beta, is being crafted by Stairway Games in conjunction with Perfect World Entertainment. PWE should sound familiar. The growing Chinese company is responsible for publishing multiple titles on this side of the pond, including Perfect World and Forsaken World. Rusty Hearts is a massive multi-player, fast paced brawling game.

Confused? Check out iTZKooPA’s introductory video from a few weeks back.

Who’s got large breasts, carries two loaded revolvers and had one hell of a Halloween costume? Natasha, the newest addition to the growing list of playable characters for Rusty Hearts, and the first that is focused on ranged fighting. Naturally, I had to give her a spin and see if she is as good as I really hoped her to be.

Stick with me and together we go down the road and discover how she works.

The first thing I noticed when I played her was that she is definitely a divergence from the other character’s gameplay. It took some getting used to, but then I noticed the gun play felt familiar. She shoots like a certain demon hunter, but then the female version of him. What makes it more outstanding from the rest of the characters is that she has to reload every time she has emptied her clips, and her abilities include stationary turrets. Making her versatile in a support role, as well as direct damage.

At first, the player will only have access to her dual wield revolvers. Basic, yet effective, and like the rest of Rusty Hearts, flashy. They don’t have nicknames like other weapons, but the pair work nice and very fast. In this style, the player will have access to an ability that will increase your combo points, spraying numbers all over the screen in a gratifying manner. After reaching level 10, the player will have access to the musket. The musket is more about punch than flash, decelerating the flashy gameplay to relative to the dual-wield revolvers. Bonus, after 2 attacks Natasha will throw a grenade to the enemy doing serious area damage, tag teaming for a winning combination. However, timing the musket and grenade assaults is accompanied by a large learning curve.

I did find a little flaw though, the interface that keeps track of the players ammo before he has to reload and the interface part that keeps track of how many turrets you have up is in the way of the players chat interface by default. You can move the chat box up a little and it won’t interfere as much, but is a nuisance (that should be easily corrected).

Now tell me that ain't a steamy halloween costume.

In the end, my experience with this character was a good one. She packs a punch with her weapons and Stairway Games did quite a nice job with how the ranged attacks work definitely. Natasha is worth taking a look at, if only to explore the new gameplay mechanics.