Rusty Hearts: Requiem Updates Lore, Raises Level Cap

Once more we return to the world of Rusty Hearts, as Perfect World has released a major update for the game: Requiem. Requiem includes these lore and gameplay highlights:

  • Natasha makes her first appearance in Rusty Hearts lore and becomes an integral part of the team
  • Fluffy – yes, Fluffy – wreaks havoc in his monstrous return after a brief glimpse in the prologue/tutorial
  • Frantz searches for his lost love of Amelia heats up
  • Gerald continues his twisted and demented ways as he creates an alliance with Cipher to acquire more power
  • The Golden Seal team investigates the Opera House in an effort to locate the enigmatic power source bringing all the marionettes to life
  • The team’s investigation brings it to uncharted depths of the theater where they encounter one of the biggest enemies ever seen

Last, but certainly not the least, new skills for all characters, and a higher level cap.

We’ll have an in-depth look at Requiem after I investigate the newest update this weekend.

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