World of Tanks Gameplay Trailer

In mid-February the MMOG world was run down by a blitzkrieg from  The strategy specialist announced World of Tanks, an MMOG that would feature nothing but tanks.  No, not the standard MMOG archetype you’re thinking of, but actual metallic tanks.

World of Tanks will feature immense PvP battles, comprising of 30 players teams.  Players will have access to over 150 tanks, ranging from slow, infantry supporting pre-WW2 tanks to the blitzkrieg machines of WW2 and the versatile war machines made up to and including the Korean War.  Russian, American and German tanks are all available.

The first gameplay video is sitting behind the break. 

What surprised me the most isn’t so much the detail of the tanks, that’s to be expected, but how pretty the soon-to-be-landscape looks.  It’s certainly nice to see the diverse line-up of fire arms in action, from the long-range gunners in the back, to the get-down-and-dirty machines of destruction standing toe to toe. has historically priced titles very fairly.  I expect no different from World of Tanks.  Anyone else interested in taking it for a ride?  Blowing up Nazi memorabilia is probably worth the ticket price.

The guns begin firing in fall 2010.