Pocket Hound: Golden Sun Asks You Not To Cross The Streams

Got what it takes?

When we previously talked about the venerable Golden Sun franchise I was a bit upset. I hadn’t hit any head-scratching puzzles, the staple of the series, yet. What was encountered were distractions. Tasks that any old person could solve. No need to bring an adept wielding untold mental powers to complete. I toughed it out and boy, am I glad I did.

Later in the game you’re tasked with clearing Craggy Peak Ruins. Nestled inside this dungeon is a great machine. Upon entering the area the player is deployed in a circular room full of doors. To make the machine operation we’re tasked with solving a puzzle for each of the zodiac signs, which are emblazoned above the doors. As puzzles are solved, more doors are open. The challenge ends up being the “boss” for the zone and a none too easy one. My brain was tickled more than once. I’m glad to admit that I was flat-out stumped on Capricorn puzzle (ironically, my sign).

In the room, dubbed “The Goat” due to the statues, the player is told that “The Goat Leaves No Trace Behind.” I figured the task was to repeat that old kindergarten game of hitting the circle block through the circle hole. In homage to Ghostbusters (or not), the paths of the statues cannot cross. The challenge is that each statue is on the opposite side of the room from its destination. An artfully-crafted puzzle for an overall challenging area.

Give it a whirl on the screenshot (click for a larger version) before you see my failures and the solution in the video.


  1. Get your cuticle worked on then quit writing and become a hand model.

    The puzzle was epic. Once you get past the obvious mental block its still a bit of a challenge. Is the game full of that stuff?

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