Pocket Hound: Squids – Quite Possibly The Next Angry Birds

The tentacles, pull them!Independent┬ástudios can make games as impressive as the big boys. Sometimes it’s the combined passion, sometimes a fantastic idea clicks or a technological innovation blows away gamers across the globe. Whatever may spark the powder keg, we gamers have seen a few unexpected hits in recent years. iTZKooPA hadn’t heard of The Game Bakers or Squids, the hardcore casual game the company is about to deliver, but we gave the small studio a chance.

Considering how addicting and replayable Squids turned out to be, we’re glad we did. The innocent product has a good chance to become one of the success stories from left field when it’s released next week (iPhone) and later this month (iPad, PC, Mac).

Check out the video to find out what makes Squids a hardcore game, the plans for its future, including content and updates, how to access the bonus map and why you should care. Yeah, a casual game with story!