9 Free MMOs Worth Playing

Today I got my latest issue of PCGamer where they played over 60 different free MMOs and selected 9 as worth playing. I figured you guys could get some good use out of this list so here it is.

Crime Craft

Sort of like GTA except with more crime and less driving around. CrimeCraft uses the Unreal Engine 3 and isn’t set to be released until Spring of 2009, so its about a year away but it’ll be free to play.


No suprise to see Mythos making the list. We’ve covered Mythos before, but if you’re not familiar with it it’s a Diablo2 clone, but a MMORPG instead of a regular RPG.

Requiem: Bloodymare

An extremely gory and bloody horror MMORPG, Requiem: Bloodymare that lives up to its name. Originally created in South Korea the game has made its way to western audiences. Currently the game is in Beta, but will be released shortly.

Dungeon Runner

A comical MMORPG that is a lot of fun to play and is free as long as you allow them to run an ad banner while you’re playing. However for only $4.99/month you have the option to remove that.

Sword of the New World: Granado Espada

An MMORPG with an anime look that at one point had a monthly fee but is now free to play. Sword of the New World allows you to control up to 3 characters which separates it from all the other MMOs out there.


Currently in open beta, Holic is a MMO with a very cutsie look. What seperates this game from others is that users are able to create there own dungeouns and quests once they get far enough into the game.

Shaiya: Light and Darkness

We covered Shaiya before so its no suprise to us that PC Gamer selected it as one of the best free games out there. Shaiya concentrates on long term development of your character and heavy PvP action. If you ever played Lineage, this game is right up your alley.


Another anime inspired MMORPG from Korea, however this one suffers from horribly translated dialog. Aside from the bad translations, Fiesta Online is a good looking game with solid game play.

Cabal Online

A solid fantasy MMORPG that doesn’t really make any breakthroughs, but features good gameplay, story and PvP via duels. Considering its free to play, if you’re looking for a casual free fantasy MMO, Cabal Online could be the one for you.


  1. Interesting – I only tried two of these. I wonder why Silkroad Online isn’t on the list? I think it’s quite a bit better than some other games here (like CABAL which I tried too).

  2. @ Conan

    Most likely cause Silkroad Online is run by a corrupt company, it’s 95% bot players and to be able to play a game you actually need to be able to log on to the servers.

  3. so did you guys steal this from pc gamer or did pc gamer steal it from you. This exact list was just in there magazine.

  4. Ouch… it’s ok. We will occasionally report on other news media’s articles if we find them interesting enough. ;)

  5. What about Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2 i don’t wanna sound like a fanboy but its definitely a good deal the PvP is awesome and there are no fees…

  6. The list looks interesting…
    Wish the Korean grinders were a little better Quality (Shaiya, Requiem, etc…)
    But, Mythos is kinda fun for a little while…


  7. hmm good list but i think that Lunia should have made the list its good when it dosent lag and its arcade style play is interesting.

  8. PC_Gamer does that every month with a new line up each time. They cast different games not necessarily the best games.

  9. Why is it only about swords fight and wizardry,
    Can we have some good sci fi, lazerguns fights, spaceships etc…?

  10. I appreciate your writeup, but please learn to differentiate between “your” and “you’re.”

    It is very distracting when I see “your” in place of the word “you’re”!

  11. To Manison: Your getting way to worked up over it :)
    Double error on that one!
    Jk, I’ll try harder :)

  12. Aeria (Shaiya) has some good games, but their customer support is poor. People get banned falsely without positive proof. No responses on payment issues (if you buy points). Community is poor and immature. Their support desk rarely reply back on anything. Get banned or overcharged, you may never hear from them.
    Be warned. Good games but the support is run by children and immature adults.

  13. COOL!!! Sword of the new world is the best MMORPG ever… Thanks to the person who posted this list… Thank you it was really helpfull… Now I have a Great game to play!!! :D

  14. This is bullshit. What about Runescape or Ultima Online? they are much better than these japanesse grindcore

  15. Personally, The ONLY free to play MMO’S worth playing, instead of downloading this and that all the time is;

    – Perfect World.
    – Runes of magic
    – Cabal

    In no order, they have overall good gameplay. Best P2P is WoW.


  16. Personally, perfect world sucks.
    A level 20 character cant even finish a token quest by himself?!! come on.. Its still the same in higher levels.

  17. why is World of Warcraft not in the list? Its the ultimate online game, isnt it? 62% of total online gamer population play it..

  18. silkroad isnt on the list cus of all the botters, and stupid ignorant turks you have to deal with everyday, you cant login ever. The GM’s dont help you out.

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