A Look At Kill Screen Magazine

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You’ve probably heard that print is dieing.  Newspapers are going bankrupt, the magazine industry is condensing and people are losing their jobs.  It’s largely due to the Internet, the old guard being slow to adapt and that crappy economy we keep hearing about.  That did not phase the start-up magazine Kill Screen.

Kill Screen targets the niche market of people who take their video games seriously.  At billions of dollars of revenue a year, it is serious business.  There’s no ads, no reviews, no previews in Kill Screen.  Just poignant discussion of our favorite medium.

Those who want a collectible magazine that can stand the test of time.  One that any self-respecting gamer would be proud to display (“Hide those Nintendo Powers! Company is coming over.) should head over to the official website.  A single issue costs $20, while a subscription of $75 nets you four copies of the quarterly magazine and a bonus T-shirt.

Get on board before Issue 1 is deployed.

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