A Quick Look at Bloodline Champions

Hello and welcome to a short preview of Bloodline Champions – an arena-based PvP game, where you actually have to aim your attacks and spells in order to hit an opponent. The game is published by Funcom and developed by a Swedish company called Stunlock Studios. Today, we are going to play a quick match, as well as take a look at the game’s cash shop.

For those of you who don’t know what Bloodline Champions is, think of it as a DotA-type game, without the actual features of DotA such as creeps, and farming for loot and equipment in order to stay competitive. In the places of those features, add a dash of Diablo-style combat mechanics and you get a game that is actually skill-based and much more PvP-orientated.

Warning: the force is not strong with this one.

Please keep in mind that (for some weird reason) my cursor was not shown in the final footage. Also, warning you now about the mic quality, so no complaints :) As a result of this, I’ve decided to leave the last two minutes of the video (that covers the cash-shop of the game) without narration. Its pretty straight-forward though, so you’ll be able to judge for yourself what the item-mall is like.


  1. okay i read this and immidietly went and registered and downloaded the game. i can honestly say that i played it for 6 hours straight. its quite fun and the gameplay is very basic. i like the match making system. it works wonderfully. i also like that you only have a few toons unlocked at the begining and that the more you play you earn the bloocoins and you can use those to unlock more toons/gear/weapons. overall id have to give the game a 9 out of 10. thanks man, great find.

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