A Second Dungeon is Released for Amalos – A Minecraft MMO: Sewer City Fight Club

As I promised in my previous post, I’m posting regularly on Amalos – A Minecraft MMO.

Last time I had the level cap dungeon called Crystallum Palace to show; this time it’s one of two of the first dungeons available to you, Sewer City Fight Club.

To start, we’re announcing today that the level cap has been decided at level 30. The first two dungeons open up to players at level 10. You can find the full dungeon list here.

Here’s the brief description of the dungeon:

As the pride and joy of the unfortunate citizens of Sewer City, the Sewer City Fight Club is the crowned jewel of entertainment.

Finding the entrance portal to Sewer City Fight Club is super easy, as it’s down in Sewer City beneath Qairon City.

You can hit the jump to find the list of bosses, screenshots, and the lore behind this underground fighting ring.

Talking about the Fight Club is usually not considered appropriate for polite company.

However, if you happen to find yourself in a less civilized community, you can find a whole host of people ready to cheer you on if you dare to enter the Fight Club Arena.

The Sewer City Fight Club is the main source of entertainment for unsavory folk and sailors who find themselves searching for a source of local recreation.

The first match is whatever group of heroes decides to challenge Gorrin the Mighty. He’s known as such, as he is rumored to have ripped off a man’s arms with his bare hands.

If the band of heroes manages to defeat him, however unlikely, they will take on the two brothers known as Aamir and Bandar. These two are notorious for tricking their enemies with head games.

Better keeps your wits and shield about you as you step into one of the most dangerous arenas found in Amalos.

There’s two boss fights in the Sewer City Fight Club, the first being a single boss, Gorrin, and second containing two bosses, Aamir and Bandar.

This dungeon is available to players level 10-15, and is partnered with Tomb of the Forgotten Kings. As we continue to build and finalize things, we’re excited to share everything we can.

Enjoy the screenshots of this dungeon!