After Eight Years, Ragnarok Online Goes F2P

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It’s a trend, these days. Going free-to-play has become an increasingly viable approach to the MMO industry, where players are among the most critical of any audience. And rightly so, seeing as how we pay a monthly fee! After the wild success of Dungeons & Dragons Online, the snowball began its powdery descent — hopefully the bottom of the mountain isn’t too rocky. Yesterday, Gravity Interactive eliminated all monthly fees from its isometric MMORPG classic, Ragnarok Online. This is evidence that the company sees much more in store for the game in the near (and far) future; by dropping the fees, Gravity Interactive clearly hopes to entice new players to enter their exciting world. With so many character classes to choose from, there is something for everyone in Ragnarok:

Heroes of Midgard start as a Novice and may progress to be a Sly Ninja, or a Holy Arch Bishop; you can become the “1-Hit KO” Sura Class or the area buff and disablement ensemble crew of Minstrel & Gypsy. How about becoming a stealthy and fast-attacking Guillotine Cross or a “Bomb and Plant specialist” Geneticist?

The list goes on. For veteran players who don’t mind shelling out the same old fee, there are perks to be had! Jump past the cut for the details…

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As of this week, players will be faced with three server types to call home. The first of which, Ymir, is the VIP server, which will contain all subscription-based characters from 2003 to the present. The players on this server will continue paying their monthly fees, and thus will gain access to the special goodies — more on that in a moment. The second server, Yggdrasil, will be the only option for new players who wish to be part of the VIP program; this way, all the characters on this server will have one thing in common: (godly) noob status! Gravity Interactive reiterates that this server will feature a “fresh economy” and the youngest characters. Lastly, Valkyrie will be the official free-to-play server; anyone can jump into this realm without dropping a cent. With Ragnarok Online going free-to-play, the possibilities are endless…

Here are the benefits of being in the VIP club:

  • 1.5x Experience rate
  • 1.5x Monster drop rate
  • Increased Kafra Storage
  • Less experience loss upon death
  • Access to special areas and Buff NPCs
  • Access to create characters on all 9 character slots