Age of Conan Now Free2Play

It’s official, Age of Conan is now a free2play MMORPG, rebranded as Age of Conan: Unchained.  The AoC website has been completely redone for the re-launch and Funcom has made a list of all the major new content that has been added since the launch in 2008.

To tally up the content that was added since launch we have 6 solo playfields, 9 group dungeons and 9 added features which include,

  • Alternate Advancement System
  • Factions of Khitai
  • Guild Events and Horse Racing
  • Guild Renown
  • The Mounts of Khitai
  • Veteran System
  • Regional Fast Travel System
  • Offline Character Progression
  • Vanity Item Slots

Having played Age of Conan during beta and for the first month after launch, I can’t say I will be going back to give it another shot now that it’s free.  Although the changes made since the launch seem to have been mostly positive.  Feel free to write to us if you have some opinion on how the new F2P Age of Conan compares to the P2P model.