Age of Conan Review: Lev 1-20 Demonologist

As many of you know I was in the AoC beta where I only managed to get to lev 15 or so with my barbarian, but since last Thursday, when I finally managed to get a copy of the game, I’ve been battling it out in Hyborian and currently have a lev 20 Demonologist. So I thought I’d give you guys my thoughts on the game so far.

AoC so far is basically like any MMORPG I’ve ever played except with nudity. Yes, it has a unique combat system, but so far for demonologists it hasn’t come into play. Demonologist are basically mages who can use fire or lightning spells and also get a demon pet that follows them around. While the combat system comes heavily into play of melee characters, it is almost non existent for magic characters. My spells are target or AE spells, which work the same way every other MMORPG does. You might say yes when attacking, but when defending I can move my defenses around to block attacks from certain directions. You would be right, the only problem is Demonologist are extremely weak, we can only use cloth armor and combat is so fast that I can’t even tell what side I’m being hit from, then before I know it I’m dead. This is even more true when battling PvP.

Another grunge I have is my demon pet. I’m not sure if they get any better in the later levels, but right now my demon is as useful as a retarded turtle. They do not pull aggro, so they don’t tank. I’ve tried standing far away and having my demon pet attack first, the mobs just run past my pet and straight to me. Completely worthless, not to mention they do almost no damage. Seriously I’m fighting guys now that have about 600-800 HP and my demon does around 2-11 dmg. What the hell is that? I have just stopped summoning my demon because the 10 seconds it takes to summon them is a waste of my time. Which brings me to my next gripe.

Buffs. So far at level 20 I have 4 friendly buffs and my summon demon spell. All spells except for one, last for 30 mins – 1 hr, the one that doesn’t lasts for 5 mins. Now the problem is that everytime I die, which is a lot, I have to recast all 5 spells which takes about a min total. I’m only level 20, how many buffs am I going to have to recast when I’m lev 80? Am I going to have to sit there for 5 mins evertime I die to rebuff myself? I don’t understand why some of these spells aren’t passive? If it lasts longer then 15 mins it should be passive.

Ok, enough of my whining. What I do like about the game so far is obviously the violence and adult content. It’s good to see a head lopped of every once in a while and talk to a prostitute with sexual content. The graphics are also top notch, but they aren’t mind blowing. As for game play, I’m definitely enjoying the PvP server, however 99% of my time right now is just quest grinding which sucks. I can’t wait for developers to realize that no one likes quest grinding. I’m sure the game will get better in later levels once I get more involved in the PvP battles and player built cities, it just sucks that I’m going to have to play 60-80 hrs worth before the game gets fun.

I’ll give you guys another update once I hit lev 40.


  1. I agree with you 100 percent about the strangely lopsided abilities of the various classes. So far I have played a Priest of Mitra, a Barbarian, and a Ranger; and each seems to be poorly suited for solo since I perish often.

    I am also so tired already of the quest grinding. I hate questing to start and to make me do it for at least 20 levels (if not throughout the entire game) is very frustrating. It seems like while in Tortage all I was doing was running back and forth from town to the White Sands Island.

    Also, I am unsure of other people’s experiences, but I have not found a single other player in the game willing to group or even talk… Its like the NPC outside of Tortage, everyone seems mute.

    I am also unsure exactly what is going on with the market place (auction house or whatever they call it) because I can never find anything to buy and I cannot sell anything I find.

    Up until now, and I admit I am only 22nd level, but it seems like I am playing a mostly solo game with just a hint of other players running by me (with horribly stupid names to boot).


  2. Demonoligists (and necros) are slated for some major tweaks to their skillset in the immediate future, as noted by Funcom a few days ago.

    I’ve got a Ranger to 23 and he’s still a bit overpowered. PoM’s get very strong after 20, and Barbarians are quite strong. All three classes do best in groups, though. It’s all about knowing how to use the skillset.

    As for teaming, find a quiet PvE sever to have better chance of teaming. Right now all the servers, but especially the PvP servers, are loaded with tight groups focussed on hitting 80 asap. They have their tight circle of buddies and don’t much talk to strangers. The RP-PVE servers (Including Wiccana) have a bit more relaxed environment and opportunities to socialize this early in the game.

  3. Your demon is a walking buff and nothing more. What’s more, you don’t get different demons… You get same looking one, only the buff changes. Can you say lazy?

    Also demonologists are pretty useless compared to other classes later on (priest, soldiers and rogues outdamage, outheal and out-survive them, if that’s even a word :P ) but I heard we should get a buff soon.

    P.S. I don’t care about bugged quests or poor balance right now – the biggest problem is performance.

  4. Ehh, level 20 eh?
    So you are just about to begin the downward sprial.

    This game falls apart so fast after level 30 its depressing. The polish wears off and the lack of content and diversity starts to become clearer and clearer. Im absolutely amazed at how some hardcore players have managed to muster through levels 40-80 (unless they cheated).

  5. Kudos for rolling a demonologist.
    From what I’ve heared they’re a bit gimped.

    I agree with most of what you said.
    I spoke about my (brief) time in AoC on my blog here

    Curious about your follow-up. Still have a few days left on the first 30 days sub. But I’m afraid it’s going to take some serious tweaking and patching from FC before I ever reconsider re-subscribing.

  6. I might just be too new to MMORPGs to be jaded of them yet but I actually like questing and am not wild on the PvP (largely becasue the IQs of hardcore PVPerS are usually about the same as their level/10)
    I pwned, I own, noob.. and geekery of that nature abound. I have had some good PvP experieces though so I’m not anti-PVP or anything like that. I would hope that due to the mature content the PvP experience would be a little less retarded.

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