Aika – Gpotato Restricts to North American Users

Gpotato has announced that after tonight’s maintance, all Aika Online players outside North American will be prohibited from playing the game. Anyone outside of North America attempting to access the game afterwards will find out their account has been terminated and their access – ip-blocked. Nobody knows for sure why Gpotato have taken such drastic measures, but the decision has not come directly from Gpotato. The decision was instead made by Gala-Net, owners of Gpotato. The Aika Game Restriction will not affect any other Gpotato games.

The full announcement:

Dear Aika players,

We have an important announcement to bring you tonight. Starting tomorrow night after our weekly scheduled maintenance, we will be restricting our area of service for Aika Online to North America, given Gala-Net’s status as the North American publisher for Aika Online. This decision may result in gPotato blocking IP addresses which originate outside of North America (for Aika only – other gPotato games will not be affected). We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this action causes, and we encourage you to email us at aika_support[at] with any comments or concerns you may have.

-The Aika Team-


  1. Nah I don’t think so.. There are alot american spammers/farmers too.. There might be some sort of discrimination..

  2. Wtf First Nexon now gpotato what’s keeping us europeans from playing american games we did something wrong:No

  3. .. i know, in the future we could only play on those browser based games,, and the europians are worse in creating games, and they’re realistic and don’t block america… bcus of all those addictive ppls over there..

    but it makes no sence.. why should they block us?
    those americans are the biggest hackers so ye..
    we might use it, but they create it 0.0.. they need to know that they might grap over all those money from those europians who normally pay for premium for such games like this..

    and all those old games get bored after a time, and the best games will all just be for americans.. where is the future going? with all these discrimination.

  4. It’s a nice game News. I have been playing the game since it’s OBT and what’s really nice about it is that GM’s are very nice. I played Aika NA before but the Gms there arent as nice as the ones in Global Version. It’s a very simple game but you keep wanting for more. I was able to talk to a lot of AIKA gamers and all of them agree that Aika global is a far better version than the one we tried. Well, sometimes, the pinoys could be annoying but i think the more there are pinoys the more there are chances the game’s going to smashing. I pk-ed alot of them. HAHAHAHAHA! Still counting for more. Have you registered yet? Go to their website, you will find out all the information you need to know there.

  5. I’m an American, in the souther california area, and i find this very discrimantion wise, i think gpotato, needs to atleast say the real truth why they cannot lete Eu play…That is totally bull

  6. Was actually looking forward to this and lol this ain’t the first time these $)&@%#* blow us off. Feels like they create the good stuff limited to the royal N.A and scramble some leftovers for us. Wonder why I get that kind of aftertaste every time… <.< as someone mentioned before, yup another reason to detest them!

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