AILA Online Open Beta..In Japan

The AILA Online Open Beta is announced to start on April 22nd, says YNK Japan. AILA Online is a fantasy game set in the Middle Ages. Being provided with high freedom, players are able to equip all kinds of weapons and use a variety of life skills like fishing, cooking, mining and herbalism. Additionally, there is no restriction on a character’s class. AILA Online(short for Another Ideal Life Adventure Online) was previously known as N.E.O Online, but for one reason or another the title has changed.


  1. When I first read the title, I immediately thought “Oh Joar spelled Aika Online wrong.”

    Maybe that’s why they changed the title?

  2. Iris Online, is going to kick ass, way better than this game. Neo online sux, grapix, gameplay and forum sux,.

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