Aion Reveals "Inggison" Zone with Video Tour

From the looks of the video, Inggison sure looks like a place that fairies would call home. Lush fauna and flora, brightly colored terrain, and sweeping hills populated with exotic wildlife make for an inviting zone for players to romp around in. However, Aion: Assault on Balaurea is not all about flowers and frolicking, the video ends with a fearsome invitation, “The World of the Dragons Awaits You.” Just beyond that giant purple mushroom ridge lies a darker side to Aion’s newest zone. It seems unfair that some of Inggison’s landscape is so full of life, while others are barren – populated by wandering behemoths who seem to have risen from the very bowels of the earth itself. If that wasn’t enough, the aforementioned Dragons patrol the skies, keeping track of the realm’s inhabitants – and intruders.

A new Elyos foothold in Balaurea, Inggison looks like a unique addition to NCSoft’s beautifully stylized Aion. The video tour has been posted with this preview, so you don’t have to listen to me ramble on any more – see for yourself!