Allods Online Gets an Expansion This October

Today Gala Net announced that their MMORPG, Allods Online, will be receiving a new unnamed expansion sometime this October.  The expansion will make significant changes to both the low and high level area, optimizing the starting areas to make the learning curve as easy as possible and adding a new zone for end-game players.

For low level players, the first 25 levels will be completely rework and re-balance with easier monsters, faster combat and a more intuitive system for beginners. The leveling system will be streamlined, the fatigue system removed and bonus XP is now distributed equally across all levels. Leveling overall will be also faster all the way to the cap.

Two new player classes will also be added, bringing the total playable classes to 30 if you included all race combinations.

For high-level players, a new zone called Kingdom of Elements picks up where the Cave of Tka Rik left off, unravelling more mysteries about the Allods Online universe and preparing players for the future. The Arena of Death PvP instance also benefits from a significant tweak – instead of being open twice daily, it will now be available constantly for player-on-player battling, with a new matchmaking system to provide gruelling tests of player skill 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Finally, players will be able to customize the interior of their Astral ships with all manner of decor accessories, from rugs and throws to paintings and full suites of furniture.

As with any expansion announcement, there is a trailer.  Check out the Allods expansion trailer after the jump.