Allods Online Offering Subscription Server and Leveling Contest

Every f2p game I’ve ever seen has had calls for subscription only servers. Every game, every forum, I can’t think of a single one where I haven’t at least once seen a thread asking for a server for subscription members only that has no cash shop – just a monthly fee and everything in game. These calls have generally gone unheeded – the few exceptions I can think of were in games that went f2p after a “failed” subscription launch – until now. Allods Online, advertised, launched, and supported as a fully f2p game, has opened a subscription only server. That has no cash shop access at all.

Pretty interesting. There are some benefits being offered on the new server, beyond no cash shop.

The Goblin Republic Server offers:

  • 30% bonus XP!
  • Twice the stat points at each level!
  • Second earring slot!
  • Bigger Bags! Quests provide bags, and old ones can be turned into extra bank space!
  • Mounts can be earned through game play – and require no feeding!
  • Character, guild,  and ship customizations can be purchased with gold!
  • Respecs can also be purchased with gold!
  • Astral Replicators are boss drops!

Sounds pretty awesome to me, if you enjoy Allods Online. I’m rather curious to watch and see how this server does, and I’ll be especially curious to see if it’ll be offered in other games if it does do well.

To celebrate the new server, is hosting a leveling contest.  The first player from each faction to hit level 55 and post a screenshot proving it on the forums will win a host of rewards. One thing that is also piquing my curiosity is the statement that winners will be disqualified if multiple players access the same account. I know that I generally ignore such contests in the games I play because the winners always end up being people tag teaming one account – will be the first to actually examine IP logs to  put a stop to that?

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