Allods Online Official Launches

After nearly a year in open beta Allods Online finally launched with Patch 2.0.02 Astral Odyssey.  The patch introduces some near areas, fourteen new mount skins, raises the level cap to 47, a weird number if you ask me, and introduces two new gear systems.

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After the jump are the full patch details.

  • New allods to explore in the Astral! This includes places like the haunted village on the Isle of the Damned, the lush jungle and ancient ruins of the Jade Labyrinth, and the underground catacombs of the Crucible.
  • New mounts and vanity costumes! This includes fourteen new mount skins that can give old mounts a new look as well as the brand new rhinoceros mount! Also available will be new costumes including the comical crab hat, the adorable deer ears, and more class-related costumes.
  • Gifts for all new characters! All new characters will now receive free gifts including a larger bag, fireworks, experience scrolls, and rare quality gear.
  • Additional spells and abilities for all archetypes! All archetypes will receive new spells and abilities as well as rebalancing of old spells and abilities. As a result, the talent trees and talent grids have been expanded and all characters will receive a free respec.
  • Two new gear systems! Two new systems will be introduced that change the dynamics of how powerful gear is obtained. In the refining system, gear from heroics and allods in the Astral can be improved with the use of reagents gained from PvP events. In the draconic relic system, special items can be obtained from raids to create a second set of gear that can be activated periodically with the use of a special spell with a long cooldown. Neither of these systems involves the Item Shop, and this change means that players will have to focus on all aspects of the game – heroics, allods in the Astral, PvP events, and raids – in order to obtain the best gear in the game.
  • Interface improvements! This includes the long-awaited mini-map as well as other convenient tweaks such as an improved guild interface, a status system, and an improved chat interface.
  • The effects of Incense are less powerful! With the new patch Incense will no longer be required to benefit from many of the bonuses a patron provides, meaning that only high level players will be likely to use Incense. Despite this change, the daily quest that rewards players with Incense will remain in the game.
  • A special release event! For a limited time, a special release event will occur in Allods Online where players will have the opportunity to receive limited edition vanity items and even learn a brand new dance.

And remember, Holy Charms will still be free in the Item Shop for 0 gPotatoes and no new death penalties are being introduced in this patch, making PvP better than ever!


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