Allods Online Updates Patch 1.1.00

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Throughout the course of the last couple months, the Allods Online Team at GALA-Net have been working on patch updates while simultaneously testing the waters for a reaction to patch 1.1.00. Alas, the latest patch has put a chip on the shoulder of some fans, casual and hardcore alike. “CHOMP”, the writer of this Allods blog update, does not go into specifics regarding the object(s) of fans’ dismay, but immediately jumps into a list of updates. So shall we, then.

Players spend a lot of time in Allods’ “Astral”, captaining Astral Ships as they traverse this unique and engaging game space. Though, some fans have cried out regarding mob spawns and difficulty. As a result, “Far Astral Allods” will be much easier to find, and Astral demons won’t be as difficult. In addition, containers are now tradeable, namely the Rough Dragon Hide Backpack and Small Deposit Box. I wonder if you can trade containers that are full? Get ready to receive your martyr’s blessing, because new daily quests are in the works, as well as the opportunity to receive a Scroll of Knowledge, which increases XP gain. Nice! Finally, Item Shop item expiration will be increased to 30 days.

This update to Allods Online patch 1.1.00 has GALA-Net on track to release the next major update; CHOMP leaves us with this teaser, “…this next major patch will include a new zone called the “Dream Factory” and a brand new guild progression system.”


  1. I played this game for about a month or so, it was the best WoW clone I’ve played so far.

    It was so close to World of Warcraft in fact that I almost felt guilty for not actually playing WoW.

    The interface is really rough though, and the quest system is not that great.

  2. The endgame is pretty different though — Astral piracy and exploration is one of the more interesting things about the game.

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