Allods' Revelations of Gipat Patch is Live!

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Allods players rejoice: Patch 1.1.0, otherwise known as Revelations of Gipat, went live today. The patch includes multiple gameplay tweaks, bug fixes, and of course new content.

The level cap has been raised to 42, with new quests added to support the experience increase. Gipat, the new zone, has over 150 quests and a new Heroic Instance for high level characters. For players who are still leveling over 100 quests were added to lower level zones.

Patch 1.1.0 also brought in a number of “quality of life” features for players. Some of the highlights are mounts that move 15% faster, an updated UI, and new support for add-ons. Perhaps the most anticipated change is the removal of Fear of Death, the heavy penalty previously given to characters when they died.

The full patch notes are available on the Allods website.


  1. haha allods spieler jubeln, lasst euch gesagt.

    der patch ist der mieseste den es gibt, nun ist allods nicht mehr free to play, sondern mann muss sich aus dem intim shop sachen kaufen dammit es spielbar ist, da der charakter sonnst keine chance gegen monster besitzt die weniger als 4 lvl haben.

    wenn die entwikler also nichs dran ändern, würde dieses spiel auch bald den bach runter gehen.

    die jubel schreihe kann mann sich über allods im offizellen forum anschauen.

    viel spass.

  2. The game punish none paying players, The new death penalty system can cause your better items to be cursed, inverting their stats. Only way to prevent this is to buy charms from the Cash Shop, one charm used per death. If you don’t have the charms and an items becomes cursed of if one of your drops is cursed only way to remove curse is via another Cash Shop only item. With this new update they have also more than halved the damage players deal in PvE/PvP while at the same time increasing the damage mobs have as well as the mobs total hit points. The only way for a player to get their damage back to what it was prior to the update is via yet another cash shop only item, Incense that lasts 1 day or incense kits that last 21 days. so this is NOT a free to play game it’s a BTP game (buy to play)enough said for this game… RIP.

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