Anarchy Online: News, News, and News


After a week long break, the team at Anarchy Online (AO) is once again giving up some details about their latest game changes, updates and add-ons.

First up, the game Engine. The team worked on slow-down issues and fixing new and old AO render code. “The engine is getting smoother and smoother and the performance with all the bells and whistles turned on is quickly stabilizing into a version we can use for a closed beta client within the next few months.”  The above pics are newly rendered faces the team has been working on.

There has been a Balance Update as well. The team has agreed on the Nano changes for the Martial Artist profession. The AO team hopes to announce the changes by the end of the week.

A New Starter Experience was also a topic of focus for the team – “working out the “High level” details of the new start-up experience.” All this is an effort to make beginning players adapt more easily to AO’s high learning curve. “It is definitely not going to be easy to keep this “fun” and “light” for people starting out…but I think we have a good structure for what we want them to learn.”

Aliens Missions are “progessing faster” than the team thought, but sadly, still aren’t ready.

The last bit of AO news focused on the New Birthday Building. The team apologized for a code error in which people already placing their Birthday Buildings couldn’t access them. The team offered this advice:

“This means unfortunately if you have “placed” your wrapped building in your city you will need to petition to get a new one before you will be able to access the inside.  If you haven’t placed it yet…DON’T.  Wait until we update the building THEN place it.

If you HAVE placed it.  Petition from your city.  The GM will watch you delete your current building then supply you with a new one to be placed when the new building has been “revealed”.  Do NOT delete it before speaking with the Customer Service representative.”

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