Answering World of Warcraft Lore Questions, Part 2


Will the Stormwind park destroyed by Deathwing be rebuilt? Are there any blood elf druids roaming about in Azeroth? How will the Pandarens be introduced to the game if and when they become a playable race?

No need to ponder these questions on World of Warcraft lore by your lonesome self. Blizzard just might answer one of them during the “Ask Creative Development” forum event, a follow-up to a previous survey that saw more than 1,000 questions submitted.

Like before, official lorekeeper Chris Metzen and the rest of his creative development team will be the ones to whip up the answers. But according to community manager Bashiok, questions that receive a “Highly Rated” status care of upvotes from registered forum readers will be the ones “most likely to receive answers.”

This voting system has one obvious flaw: Most readers will only parse through the first couple of pages and then skip the rest, giving a distinct advantage to those who submitted earlier than later. As proof, 14 of the 19 submission on the initial forum page have been upvoted to “Highly Rated” status with a noticeable dwindling as one goes deeper into the 45-page long thread.

Despite the obvious disadvantage for late posters, it’s still not hopeless that your WoW lore questions will be answered. Just be sure to conscript your guildies to help with the upvoting, if you really want to know what happened in Tol Barad that badly.