ArcheAge Claiming Territory Teaser Trailer

Today we have a new trailer for the upcoming MMORPG ArcheAge showing what happens when group of players seizes control over a territory.

The video starts off with a small group of players sailing into the northern continent, landing and making their way to a territorial control point.  Once seized, we see a much larger army landing on the same shores looking to reclaim their lands with the video ending just before what looks to be a epic battle.

A video like this would have had my blood pumping a few years ago, however we all know that for the majority of games with territorial control points they tends to turn into a merry-go-round dances where factions take turns flipping the same points over and over. While I’m certainly intrigued¬†with ArcheAge’s system, I’ll need to learn more before I get my hopes up.

Check out the ArcheAge territory control video below.

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  1. Territorial control…endless faction vs faction fighting is what I love as an x DAOC vet.Fighting sentient beings is a whole lot more fun than fighting npc’s.

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