Are Mass Effect Andromeda’s Lashings & Destiny 2 Leaks Connected?

Little bit of a rant incoming. I thought I’d just put some of my investigation skills to work and remind my fellow interactive electronic advocates out there a brief snip of information that I find fascinating about the topic above. Both of these titles will be written by the same dude. A fellow by the name of Chris Schlerf.

All I can see around the internet world today are the vast amounts of misleading informative journalism that our beloved president would dub “Fake News.” Now being I am completely against anything that sits on a toilet seat of gold, one thing The Donald has down right is that the media in all shapes, shades, and forms have false backings based on an old school tween game that many would remember by the name of “Telephone.” One website posts something, another website sees it and then they post about it; pretty much pulling all of their facts from the other source, and fifteen thousand posts later all claiming the same story, the truth gets shot into a wall out of a high powered 50mm tank barrel. *SPLAT* It becomes unrecognizable from what the original story’s validity could have even consisted of.

Chris Schlerf, and I would never bash another writer because I know just how hard the business can be, had made news last year about his departure from BioWare and Mass Effect: Andromeda’s story team as the Lead Writer to go work on the story for Destiny 2. Before earning his spot with Mass Effect, BioWare’s current lead, Drew Karpshyn, who has been hailed for the masterpieces of the original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic story and Mass Effect and sequel, had left the company shortly before seeing the release of Mass Effect 3, and only but recently returned following Schlerf’s departure. The dog shit that you’re playing with Mass Effect: Andromeda will be the same dog shit that will be Destiny 2, so why are you people excited for the leaks of Destiny 2 when you just got done complaining about how awful Andromeda’s story was, and in some cases at the same time!?

This hypocritical nonsense also follows a story that unfolded Saturday about a certain “beloved” video game retailer’s public release about the closure of some of its stores to estimates of about 150 to 250, but 80 to 90 of these stores are being planned for the conversion of these stores to branches within the same company… (ie some Gamestop locations will be turning into Think Geek stores), yet today YouTubers upload claim that the store count has been raised to “confirmed” 250 some stores, because a lot of folks have a sour taste toward the company. I can personally understand and feel for these individuals, but reporting your ‘guesses’ is not sharing the facts.

Yes, Gamestop’s sales have been sloping downward ever since the video game BOOM around Call of Duty 4, and its following hits with CoD:MW2 and it’s Black Ops series of 1 and 2, but the spiral has been seeing the end of days due to the fed up clientele of the acclaimed Activision series. Why? Well, because it’s Activision, and this company is notorious for milking the cow dry. Gamestop’s sales drops would have been less punishing if the company did a bit of research going into the holiday season and didn’t bet everything on a Double Zero Call of Duty title that had already seen a huge following of upset players, based on its YouTube trailer announcement back in early May of last year, which has risen to nearly a 3.5 million dislikes currently. It’s true! In a statement they said that they didn’t know Pokemon Sun and Moon were going to be such a hit and that they thought Call of Duty was going to sell a whole lot more than it did.

So what does it all mean? It means the public is stupid and mocks what they don’t know and then they share it with the rest of the public in a lazy format such as YouTube. YouTube isn’t journalism. WHO CARES?! GIVE IT A REST AND REPORT THE NEWS!…. but what do I know? I just write stupid stuff about Warcraft. You shouldn’t take my word seriously. Also, praise the ground that this man walks on forever and always.



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