Asheron's Call: Plans Within Plans

Asheron’s Call has released Plans Within Plans,  a new event, last September 21. This time the upcoming of a new playable race is the main feature, as the Undead are now counted among the peoples of Dereth that players can choose to create characters.

The playable Undead are refugees from House Mhoire from the Dericost, fleeing from a nasty curse set upon them. To scape the curse, they use rituals and potions allowing them to go and find their own fate, away from the strict cast system that rules the Dericost undead. This new race is starting to adopt the cultures and practices of the living races,  joining  an alliance with them, hoping for an equal living in freedom.

Looks like we have the typical “Hey, i’m dead but i live!” issue here, but i think it’s always good to have new choices for playable races. Asheron’s Call players have now the chance to start a new race character and have fun from, maybe, a different point of view.

The release notes include other features, check it out after the jump.

Alternate Racial Skills
Each starter town has a new NPC near where the player spawns in named “Changer of Innate Abilities”.

This NPC will change a character’s racial skills with the following restrictions:

  • Each character gets 1 free change.
  • A character can only swap their racial skills once per month.
  • After the first free change it costs 50 MMDs to change.
  • Characters level 10 and below can swap their racials as many times as they want with no charge or penalty.

The following are the racial skill swaps:

  • Aluvian –  Assess Creature specialized
  • Sho – Deception specialized
  • Gharu’ndim – Thrown Weapon trained
  • Viamontian – Mace trained
  • Shadows – Unarmed trained
  • Gear Knights – Loyalty specialized and Armor Tinkering trained
  • Undead – Arcane Lore specialized

Know Issue: A couple of the racial swaps that remove a specialized racial skill will result in the player not having the proper number of available skill credits until the character relogs.

Updated Content and Functionality

The monthly killtasks and Quests have been updated.

The Radiant Blood and Eldrytch Web shields are now named properly

Two handed weapons should now properly hit the correct target areas

Make sure you speak to the Emissary of Asheron in the high level Gear Knight area.

Gear knights should now be able to get into Ithaenic Quiddity Seed dungeon.

So there are just some of the things coming to Asheron’s Call in September. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the September Event.

Enjoy as well these cool new screenshots for the september event in Asheron’s Call, Plans Within Plans. For more, visit the official event page.

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