Azerothian Theory 101: Azeroth, the Anchor of Time?

What happens when time screws everything up that we know as lore and a simple retcon, an act Blizzard is so fond of doing, doesn’t necessarily fix the fracture in the story? Not only does it kill the immersion, it  sprouts countless and endless thoughts that go through my little head of different beginnings and endings. Who started what? How? Why? Maybe Garrosh did nothing wrong. No, he totally screwed everyone for what he thought was “right”, but it does make you wonder. Join me, as I travel through time and alternate realities. The ultimate Warcraft “What if” scenarios begins here.

Greetings and pleasant morrows, everyone! How have thee been? It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I thought I’d post a quick something to get people thinking. A speculation glimpse in regards to the happenings and such going on within the World of Warcraft. Right now, we, the Heroes of Azeroth, are endlessly battling the infinite numbers of the Legion as they continue to pour into portals beyond our comprehension, but why are they here? Well that question has been answered a million times over and if you’ve been living in a giant Drowish Elven bubble city for hundreds upon thousands of years, then you probably are not aware that the Legion has been sent here, by the command of a fallen Titan known as Sargeras, to capture, kill, or awaken, a sleeping Titan Soul that lays dormant within Azeroth itself, with the ultimate goal of using it against the Void Lords who turn out are even more scary than Sargeras himself. With me so far? Yeah, I lost me too.

Now, that you are aware of whats the hip and happening, I’m going to drop a big old mana bomb on you. That’s right, Ronin died and maybe Vereesa should just totes deal with it already. Also she needs to appear before the Horde to pay for her crimes of attempting to kill a prisoner of war and conspiracy to do so. Okay, beyond the truth that needs to be addressed, you’re probably wondering about the title. What does it mean that Azeroth is the anchor of time? Let’s give a few instances that make this whole unexplainable and complicated matter that Blizzard decided they could tackle, and give you some examples of what and how this ties in.

The earliest we can consider is Draenor, when we look at how time effected us. Draenor is the only planet we’ve been to outside of our own and we’ve been there twice now in two different periods of time. It also has been stated that the Legion does not transcend time, yet they exist across all planes of time, meaning one Kil’jaden, one Sargeras, one Legion. Given this information we can deduce that number one, Blizzard did not think this through or number two that they did they just can’t explain it, but I come baring the ability to do so, and that is by saying that what if Garrosh and Kairoz tried opening a portal to a different time period in Azeroth instead of our own? More appropriately, why didn’t the Dark Portal from the past open up to beginning of the First War like it should have? Garrosh’s whole reason to going back was to stop the Orcs from drinking the blood of Mannoroth, but why did he want to invade Azeroth from the exact time he left instead of altering the past entirely? Did he think, when he first devised the plan, that he was going to go through the Dark Portal with his daddy, take over Azeroth at the time of the first war, and prepare for the Legion’s invasion that he envisioned? If we sit back and think about it more, what would benefit Garrosh going back to his own time anyway? He already had a crushing power that was usurped by a small uprising in his Horde, why would just getting another Horde from another time line be a logical thing if only to throw them at the dagger that almost killed you in the first place?

I went through the invasion of Draenor starting zone one last time to make certain I did not miss anything. Low and behold they mention nothing on what Garrosh was planning on when he opened the Dark Portal again. Its safe to assume after he killed Kairoz however, that he thought if he used the time crystal, he could link it up to Azeroth from before the 1st war without the help of Medivh. What happened however was even though he was in the past, the current Azeroth at the time was what came out of that portal as it severed the link with Outland and rewired it to Draenor. Garrosh was pretty smart about a lot of his planning. He pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes in Cata, at the testing site for the original bomb that led to Theramore’s ultimate doom, which was in Stonetalon, and got away with it claiming he did not order the destruction of the Druid academy there even though secretly we believe he did. Overall we can say that Garrosh was a pretty cunning, yet cainiving, Orc. He wasn’t just some hotheaded warrior, because he did somewhat plan the destruction of Theramore without anyone being wiser to his motives. Does that sound like an Orc who just wants revenge over a force who he thought he had the power to crush with ease when the Heroes banded together?

If all what I’ve speculated is true, then Garrosh meant to change history as we know it, yet he did not consider what would happen when he opened the portal again. Who could? Logically thinking, if you went the past to open a gateway/wormhole if you will, to a world across the cosmos, you would think you would end up in the same time as the alternate past you just made. I think Garrosh meant to invade Azeroth during the 1st war, with a much stronger Horde than before. He banded the Warchieftain together and meant to raise the Alliance and the High Elves and immediately set his attention on Kalimdor and the Night Elves, quite possibly meaning to replenish his forces with the enslavement of the Tauren and the Trolls as well, and no one could stop him. The Kal’dorei would be not any of the wiser, if Garrosh came over on boats with the purpose to eradicate them. He could also stop every event in the process that still lingered having known about what was going to happen up to that point and would not have to deal with the threat of the Lich King or the Burning Crusades.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence to support my theory other than a few what ifs. Final thought, after Garrosh kills Kairoz, the Bronze dragon screams out his final words “Hellscream, without me…. who…” and dies. Now we can take this a few different ways, however if we think of it in the terms of the speculation at hand, Kairoz is asking him who will bring him back to Azeroth. Now I’m willing to bet that Kairoz either A. Manipulated the situation to keep Garrosh as his puppet to do his bidding, knowing full well that the Orc would most likely try to kill him, if he did not offer Garrosh anything in the future that only Kairoz could give him. It was Kairoz’s mistake to mention the time crystal and how it worked and ultimately he lost the role of playing Master right then and there, however I find it very unlikely that Kairoz would tell Garrosh about his intentions for their partnership. Both were planning to use the other until their needs were met, so Kairoz would not tell Garrosh much of anything else. It is suspected that Garrosh believed, when Kairoz told him the crystal could bring them back to Azeroth, that he saw that as just a portal to the now new timeline to the Old Azeroth, and believing that the Dragon himself was the only way they could manipulate time. With Kairoz now dead, Garrosh just assumed he was stuck in that time and I think he was okay with that. He would proceed as planned with Grom leading the Iron Horde and his Azeroth would be conqured.

Perhaps I’m giving Blizzard too much credit however, because as I was writing this did I find something completely without any sense. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS AND WHERE IS ITS POINT OF ORIGIN?


This screenshot was taken in the Blood Thicket in Suramar where it shoots out southbound, toward the city, and where refugees can be seen running to. A friend of mine had said that maybe its the underground railroad of sorts to the Nightfallen underneath Meredil, which would be understandable, except that its on the other side of the map. AND WHERE EXACTLY IS ITS PLACE OF ORIGIN?! THERE ARE LITERALLY ZERO RUINS ABOVE THIS AREA! AND HERE’S THE BEST PART!


It leads to another sewer after a tiny little waterfall. Geographically it makes no sense and the redundancy is beyond measurement. Good night, everyone!

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