Battle of the Screenshots! EVE vs. PoTBS Edition

So I was sitting here, at my computer, looking through screenshots of some of my favorite games. Yes, that’s right, sometimes I like to look at screenshots as opposed to actually playing the game. I’m just cool like that. Anyways, I got to thinking which games have better graphics. Of course, at this point, I, in no way, was thinking specifically of Pirates of the Burning Sea and EVE Online, but it did eventually lead into that. The games are already compared to each other on so many levels why not graphics as well? Both are touted as having fantastic environment graphics, as well as ship graphics. Enjoy the screenies, and don’t forget to tell us which ones you prefer!

Here, we have two screenshots, each depicting beautiful backdrops and gorgeous effects. For EVE Online (left) the lighting is especially well-done. For Pirates of the Burning Sea (right) the water just leaps right out at you. Our verdict: Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Now these two shots are actually contrasting each other. We have EVE (left) featuring a very bright, orange screenshot with loads of detail and backdrops. The sun in the background makes the shot look particularly gorgeous. Pirates (roght), on the other hand, has a darker backdrop. While the darkness helps conceal some of the bland textures in the background, it also takes away some of the beauty of the water. Our verdict: EVE Online.

Finally, we have two screenshots that show a bit of action. EVE (left) has a lot of detail in the background as well as an aweomse picture of a ship firing at something. On the other hand we have a Pirates screenshot (right) showing off some of the battle sequences. The water, as always, looks spectacular. The real gem in this shot is the physics of the wood flying up after the initial explosion. Also if you look closely at the water you’ll notice some excellently rendered reflections in the water. Our verdict: Pirates of the Burning Sea.

So, this round, Pirates of the Burning Sea took the torch in a 2:1 victory. It’s not all that surprising, to be honest, despite receiving a graphics overhaul recently, EVE Online is still a few years older than Pirates of the Burning Sea. All of the screenshots were, obviously, looked at with an artist’s perspective in mind as I believe games are one of the highest forms of art out there today. A lot of work and care goes into giving each of these games gorgeous graphics.

So, which do you think are better?


  1. The only thing I want to know about PoTBS is:

    1. Whether there are ninjas, and

    2. which class is stronger.

    [/nerd culture reference]

  2. This comparison should be done later this year, when CCP rolls out the second phase of Trinity; the one where the moons, planets, asteroids and back drop get upgraded to Trinity II quality.

    Then we’ll if PotBS is still standing!

    BTW, the pirates in EVE are much tougher then the ones floating in those flimsy wooden ships! Yarrr!!

  3. Could you have picked an older picture for EVE in the 3rd comparison? Lol, that interface hasn’t been used in YEARS. You could have at least gotten a picture from Revelations if not actually from Trinity. And I don’t think that Badger is really shooting at anything ;p

  4. I think PotBS graphics look great for a video game. I think EVE looks awesome for a movie. I’m gonna have to go with EVE

  5. Well, I am an EvE fan, so I am ofcourse biased. I would like to also point out that I don’t think that screenshot in the combat picture is shooting at anything. What kinda of looks like shooting is just the tail of the ships engines!

    Combat in EvE can look pretty awesome, especially when a ship blows up. :)

    Great idea for a blog! (PS: could you make the pictures bigger next time too? I would like to see more blogs like this)

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