Bethesda to Open New Software Studio in Austin, Texas: Battlecry Studios

Bethesda Studios announced today a new software studio based in Austin, Texas. Headed by Rich Vogel, known for his leadership in MMOs including Ultima OnlineStar Wars: The Old Republic, and Star Wars: Galaxies, the new studio is already working on an “unannounced project”. There are job openings at Battlecry and the other ZeniMax studios, so seize the opportunity and head over to their jobs page!

The job page alludes to the possibility of a Playstation 3/Xbox title and MMO and FPS experience. With Vogel on the team, I think we are all hoping for some new MMO news from them in the near future in addition to Elder Scrolls Online from Bethesda.

We covered Vogel’s departure from Bioware in July. He had these remarks on joining Bethesda:

“I have always admired and respected Bethesda’s approach to making great, original games. It’s a belief and passion I share, and I’m looking forward to building a team of high quality developers who want to bring that same commitment and creative energy to the games we’ll be creating.”

Stay tuned for what ultimately comes from this new studio!


  1. Star Wars Galaxies 2 if we cant have the original back that way they can put to bed the Pre CU and NGE war that split the game’s comunity while it was active . Now in the games death the Pre Cu, CU and NGE comunities are all united in the fact they want the game back this can only be an open goal to anyone who has the balls to take it on and make another Sandbox based MMo like SWG. One can live in hope, as EA’s and Bioware Torrtanic is nothing worth looking at and a real thorn to anyone who liked,loved or played SWG to know it was taken down for that pile of Sh#t.

  2. I’ve been looking for a job in Bethesda game studios in Texas , one , I’m going in to graphic and special effects for I have a masters in both and graduated from Full Sail and I’m in love with Bethesda my whole life , and , it is near my home .

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