Black Desert: New Community Manager

bdocmStaff turnovers at a gaming company always spark uncertainty among those who follow a game. At least they do for me. Why is someone leaving? Is it personal choice? If so, is it because a more exciting position elsewhere has opened up, or because they don’t want to be working with the current company in question? There are never any answers to these questions, so I always end up hoping that the staff member in question is embarking on a new and exciting adventure rather than departing an unpleasant land.

Hot on the heels of the closed beta registration announcements, CM_Oli has posted that he will be stepping down next week, and CM_Jouska will be taking his place.

CM_Oli wrote a heartfelt farewell on the forums, speaking of the fun he’s had and introducing his replacement, CM_Jouska. I would like to wish CM_Oli well! It has great getting to know him!

Jouska comes to the team with 6 years of experience in the MMO industry, having worked at companies including NCSoft, SoE (before it was Daybreak).. well, let me just quote:

I have been working in the MMO Industry for six years across multiple AAA and Indie Studios.  To date the major studios I have worked on projects with are SOE Games (now Daybreak), EnMasse, Snail Games USA, and NCSoft.  I have covered everything from Community Management/Engagement, Marketing, and Q&A.

As part of the introduction, CM_Jouska has introduced several other staff members, as well as a brief description of their job duties. This is the kind of thing that I love reading.

  • Our Game Masters work to improve your experience in Black Desert by providing support on the forums, in-game and answering your support tickets, allowing you to enjoy BDO with as little hindrance, or interruption as possible.
  • Black Desert is constantly changing by adding new features and reworking older ones.  These changes are based upon internal review and external feedback.  The Community Managers work with players to provide constructive feedback to the development team.  Unlike some games, BDO is being released in multiple regions and supports multiple languages, because of this, we will have a total of four Community Managers.  Each CM will cover a specific region; NA, EU, DE and FR.  Later this month CM_Oli will be leaving the team and I will be taking on his responsibilities, but do not worry. We will be introducing new CMs as launch approaches.
  • The Project Managers have the crucial role of coordinating between everyone working on the project, to maintain a constant and efficient workflow.  They oversee the direction and progress of every aspect, bringing together each member of the team and their work so that you can enjoy the finished product.

Welcome CM_Jouska!

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