Black Prophecy Introduces Raids

The third major content update to the sci-fi space combat MMORPG, Black Prophecy, was announced over the holiday weekend entitled Episode 3: Rise of the Boids.

Today Gamigo revealed the first details and it looks like Black Prophecy will be getting some PvE raids. It will be possible for highly skilled and well equipped groups of 8 to 10 players to complete, however the recommended amount will be over 10. The raids are also about one hour long each, but no word yet on how many there will be.

Above is the first image released of one of these new raids, this one called Ezor – Rudenko Sphare.



  1. I quit last month. It is a good game but:
    1.) No population save some hardcore fans = no one pvps. no one is active…no one is there.

    2.) This raid of 10 or more will suck. There is never 5 or more people online at same time.

    3.) Something feels very non strategic in combat. The moves are predicatble and everything comes down to your level and build. Skill has little effort. I have just sat without moving and let waves of enemies come at me… I just spam the fire button and I win. You would think flying skills are required. Maybe this dungeon business will help push players use tactical manuveurs to cover each other and fight, but… I Dunno…It just seems to little to late. This game is aging and could use other features to get popular. IF they went where EVE has not gone before (Planet raiding with a levelable character), THAT would be hot. Or how about adding what EVE has like empire building… but now, we get space debris.

  2. It’s such a waste to have a great looking and fun combat game like BP die because of poor gameplay and no population.

    This should have been sandbox from the start. Player driven economy, auction house and better PvP system.

  3. The game itself is great (despite being a F2P) The graphics looked nice, the controls were nice but population sooooo empty – Might be worth having another if this brings people in.

  4. I quit it too. Too many changes to the core game play made it rotten. You would think after the mass exodus of players after episode 2 they would have had a clue.

    They just ruined the game.

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