Blizzard Launches Blizzard Music

Do you wish that you could continue listening to those great Blizzard hits even after you log out of your favorite Blizzard game? Well now you can! Whether it’s Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo or World of Warcraft, you can now own the complete soundtrack to your favorite Blizzard game.

No longer will you have to listen to that crap that they call “music” on the radio. Impress your friends with hits like Shadow of the Necropolis, Silvermoon City and everyone’s favorite The Kalu’ak. For only $9.99 you can own the soundtrack to your favorite Blizzard game or for just $0.99 you can pick and choose the tracks you want.

Head over to the new Blizzard Music page to see a complete list of albums and tracks. All purchases are made through iTunes.